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Fremont Christian School (FCS) is a department and ministry of Harbor Light Church of Fremont. As such, FCS seeks to be an outreach of the church to the Tri-City community for the gospel of Jesus Christ, providing a quality Christian education built upon a Christian worldview and a biblical understanding of humanity, God, and the salvation available only in the person of Jesus Christ.

Although FCS is an outreach ministry of one particular church, the religious perspective adopted by FCS is not sectarian or parochial. FCS has adopted a Christian perspective that is broad and inclusive of the Christian community represented by many Tri-City churches. This perspective is often referred to as evangelical. As an evangelical school, FCS affirms the basic tenets and beliefs of historical, biblical Christianity and views the Bible as the only true record of God's revelation of Himself to humanity. FCS affirms that humanity has drifted away from the type of relationship that God desires to have with humanity and that faith in the person of Jesus Christ is the only means of restoring that broken relationship. Through the message of the Bible, FCS seeks to introduce all students to this restoring relationship with God through faith in the person of Jesus Christ.

At the early education level: Bible instruction consists of biblical stories, practical applications, songs and music, weekly chapel, and prayer, which are all critical components to our approaches to learning.

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At the elementary level: Bible instruction consists of basic Bible lessons that present the truths and moral precepts of the Bible as well as Bible memorization that draws attention to these key Bible truths and moral precepts.

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At the secondary level: Bible instruction consists of daily Bible classes in which students are taught from the text of the Bible the basic events and truths of God's interactions with humanity. In the latter years of high school, students begin to broaden their study of the Bible to include instruction on how the biblical perspective addresses the important issues of contemporary society. High school students also learn how the Christian perspective compares with other religious perspectives and worldviews.

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Although FCS teaches that Jesus Christ is the only true path to God and that faith in Jesus Christ is the only means of salvation, we recognize the diversity of religious traditions represented in the Tri-City community. FCS does not seek to disparage different religious perspectives, nor is FCS dismissive of different faith traditions. However, FCS does seek to introduce all students to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through its instruction of the Bible as the only true revelation of God to humanity.

Non-Discriminatory Statement

Fremont Christian School accepts students of any race, color, national, and ethnic origin and grants to them all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to all students at the school. It does not racially discriminate in the acceptance of students or in the employment of its faculty and staff. It does not discriminate in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, or athletic and other school-administered programs. To do so would be in violation of Christian principles as set forth in God’s Word, the Bible.

Big-School Opportunities in a Small-School Environment